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Welcome to the NEON Data Skills Portal!

This site contains data lessons, background materials and other resources that support working with large spatio-temporal datasets, like those offered by the NEON project.

We welcome any comments and feedback that you have and also materials that support or expand upon what’s available on this site!

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Get Started With Our Data Tutorial Series!

Intro to Raster Data in R Series

A series of data tutorials that teach you how to open, plot and perform basic calculations on raster data in R. It also covers key spatial attributes associated with raster data include extent, projection and resolution. Finally we cover dealing with missing and bad data when working with remote sensing imagery.

Total tutorials: 8

Intro to Vector Data in R

The data tutorials in this series cover how to open, work with and plot with vector-format spatial data (points, lines and polygons) in R. Additional, topics include working with spatial metadata (extent and coordinate reference system), working with spatial attributes and plotting data by attributes.

Total tutorials: 6

Tabular Time Series Data in R

The tutorials in this series cover how to open, work with and plot with phenology-related micrometeorological data in R. Additional topics include working with time and date classes (e.g., POSIXct, POSIXlt, and Date), subsetting time series data by date and time and created facetted or tiles sets of plots.

Total tutorials: 9

3 Newest Data Tutorials

Interactive Data Vizualization with R and Plotly

Learn the basics of how to use the plotly package to create interactive plots and use the Plotly API in R to share these plots.

Download a NEON Teaching Data Subset & Set A Working Directory In R

This tutorial explains how to set a working directory in R. The working directory points to a directory or folder on the computer where data that you wish to work with in R is stored.

Raster 00: Intro to Raster Data in R

This tutorial reviews the fundamental principles, packages and metadata/raster attributes that are needed to work with raster data in R. It covers the three core metadata elements that we need to understand to work with rasters in R: CRS, Extent and Resolution. It also explores missing and bad data values as stored in a raster and how R handles these elements. Finally, it introduces the GeoTiff file format.