Friday 23 June: Applications in Remote Sensing  - Capstone Work Day feature image Source: National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)


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Series: Friday 23 June: Applications in Remote Sensing - Capstone Work Day


Today, you will use all of the skills you’ve learned at the Institute, to work on a group project that uses NEON data!

Learning Objectives

During this activity you will:

  • Apply the skills that you have learned to process data using efficient coding practices.
  • Apply your understanding of remote sensing data and use it to address a science question of your choice.
  • Implement version control and collaborate with your colleagues through the GitHub platform.

Schedule: Capstone Projects Work Day

Time Topic Location
9:00 Groups begin work on capstone projects Breakout rooms
  Instructors available on an as needed basis for consultation & help.  
12:00 Lunch Classroom/Patio
  Groups continue to work on capstone projects Breakout rooms
16:30 End of day wrap up Classroom
18:00 Time to leave the building (if group opts to work after wrap up)  

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